Corrugated box production in one complete line. With a TCY inline casemaker you can consolidate multiple pre-existing processes into a single, efficient production line. TCY have 3 levels of automation and machine control, each with their own specialist performance attributes to suit any box making application.

QS Series

The fully auto set, all servo driven fixed type casemaker range. Just a 2-minute set up and non-stop order changeover capability with up to 6 colours. Print accuracy of +/- 0.3mm; this is a high speed, quick-set precision inline casemaker range.

N Series

The fully computerized auto set, open & close inline casemaker range. Available in every size from Mini-line through to Jumbo, Top print, bottom print or even a combination of the two. The N Series offers simple-set, high speed, versatile and precise box production, and is perfectly positioned to fulfil the demands of the modern-day box plant.

Classic Series

Simple, robust, and well proven open and close inline casemaker range available in all sizes from Mini to Jumbo. Traditional motorized setup with a choice of ink systems and layout configurations. The workhorse casemaker range; accurate, fast, easy to maintain and unbeatable value.

From the blisteringly fast QS-618 mini-line through to the Heavy Duty Jumbo inline casemaker, whether you need to increase production efficiency, reduce setup time and increase output volumes, we have a casemaker to suit every box production profile. Full Inline Casemakers – Corrugated box production in one complete line.