Make boxes fast with our range of printer slotters. Perfectly suited to those who want to step in to volume box production with a trusted and proven workhorse in either top or bottom print configuration.

Often used as a Flexo Printer for a range of box plant converting machines, this is a versatile machine-base from which further additions can be made such as a rotary die cutter, or folder gluer section to turn it in to a full casemaker.


The fully computerized auto set, open & close Printer Slotter range. Available in every size from Mini-line through to Jumbo, Top print, bottom print or even a combination of the two.

Classic Series

Simple, robust, and well proven open and close Printer Slotter range available in all sizes from Mini to Jumbo. Traditional motorized setup with a choice of ink systems and layout configurations.

Available with our bundle stacker options, the N Series offers simple-set, high speed, versatile and precise box production, and is perfectly positioned to fulfil the demands of the modern-day box plant.

Available with optional Stacker systems, this is the workhorse box maker range; accurate, fast, easy to maintain and unbeatable value.