High speed, top/bottom print rotary die cutter range, suited to more complex box styles. Various stacking and delivery options to match different production output requirements from simple stacker to full multi-out servo drive bundle stacker. Can also be specified with a slotter creaser section to increase versatility.

Available in the QS, N-Series and the Classic Series, the TCY range of Rotary die cutters set the benchmark for performance, stability and ROI.

The fully auto set, all servo driven fixed type top print rotary die cutter range. Fast set up and non-stop order changeover capability with up to 6 colours. Print accuracy of +/- 0.3mm; this is a high speed, quick-set precision rotary die cutter.

The fully computerized auto set, open & close RDC range, available from 1000mm x 2500mm up to full Jumbo format. Supplied with our bundle stacker unit for multi-out die cut jobs (max. 4 out) and two directional sheet conveyor to remove the bundles. The bundle stacker unit uses servo motor control system for accurate speed control, sheet stacking and multi-out bundle stacking.

Simple, robust, and well proven open and close Rotary die cutter range available from 1000mm x 2500mm through to full Jumbo format. Traditional motorized setup with a choice of ink systems and layout configurations.

The N Series offers simple-set, high speed, versatile and precise die cut box production, and is perfectly positioned to fulfil the demands of the modern-day box plant.

Available with optional Stacker systems, this is the workhorse RDC range; accurate, fast, easy to maintain and unbeatable value.